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Monitorering af oliesystemer

den 10 december 2021

Product Overview

Keeping your generator set in excellent working order relies on ensuring that the lubricating oil is always fit for purpose. The Tan Delta Generator Set Monitoring Kit can be simply installed on new or used equipment to allow the monitoring of the lubricating oil condition and lubricating oil temperature in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, all of the real time data collected and displayed is also stored within the OQD Express unit for further analysis as and when required.

Key product features

- Full Spectrum Holistic Detection
Detects and measures all oil condition
changes, no matter the cause –
wear or contamination.
- Bluetooth Connectivity
Stored data can be easily downloaded and
sent wherever needed.
- Flexible Configuration
Enables the simple and easy configuration
of all Tan Delta products to suit any
applications with any oil type.
- Intuitive Functionality
Simple touch screen menu system makes
accessing functionality such as rate of change
graphs, and alert configuration simple.
- Robust and Rugged
The rugged IP67 rated sensor and
enclosure use high quality industrial
connectors making this unit very reliable.
- Fully Configurable
Any oil type, allows accurate testing of any
oil or fuel oil.

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