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Problem med din pulvervätning?

You have problems with powder processing? Ystral has an interesting solution waiting for you here. Unfortunately, the processing of powders is almost always associated with problems. These range from dust, contamination, clumping and agglomeration, poor flow behaviour, rat holes and bridging, blockages, decomposition, health hazards, hygroscopy, reactions with oxygen or humidity, to the risk of a dust explosion. ystral offers technical solutions for all these problems.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob at Ystral presented technical solutions for the most common problems in the latest online seminar "Trouble with problematic powder". If you missed the online seminar, you can watch the full recording here: https://sohub.io/c4ra

This is one of many online seminars that Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob has already held. In our knowledge portal you will find a lot more information in the form of online seminars, in-depth technical articles, informative whitepapers and infographics on all aspects of mixing and dispersion technology: https://sohub.io/6k81

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